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"And the wind and the waves are always on the side of the ablest navigator"

Leader as Navigator
Leader as Navigator
Navigating to a new normal

Leader as Navigator

The Rise and Decline of the Roman Empire, Edward Gibbon (1788)

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The coronavirus epidemic has fundamentally changed the way we work and, at some point, it’s going to change again as we emerge from the crisis and begin to establish a ‘new normal’. It is hard to predict what this new normal might look like, but it will certainly be different from our traditional ways of working. For some, this level of uncertainty and change provokes feelings of anxiety, loss and even anger. For others, it presents a once in a lifetime opportunity to harness the benefits of new learning and new ways of working, building on the best of what went before to create something even better.

The new normal is not a destination to be arrived at: it is likely to be a state of constant change where adaptability, emotional connection and courage become the critical currency of effective leadership.

This programme equips leaders with the insight, agility, skills and confidence to safely navigate through change by establishing and maintaining the focus, connection and productivity of their teams through every stage of the journey.