Conventional wisdom suggests that human beings first evolved around 6 million years ago; language on the other hand has only developed in the last 100,000 years, so we spent the first 5.9 million years on the planet not talking to each other. The parts of our brains necessary for all other aspects of our individual and collective survival have had 60 times longer to develop than those required for speech – little wonder that we find it so difficult sometimes, and that even with practice, we can still get it so wrong..!

Four programmes to help you and your teams develop the mindset, skills and confidence to have more powerful conversations

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Conversation is the basic currency of human interaction and it lies at the heart of personal and organisational success; now more than ever, we need to communicate effectively with each other.  And yet at the very moment we need to be having better conversations, research shows we’re actually getting worse. The erosion of trust, the rise of digital communication and constant, rapid change all contribute towards our reduced ability to really connect with each other and have meaningful conversations about the things that matter or make a difference.


Powerful Conversations