Our approach is based on just a few simple principles:

  • Innovative - we love "tried and tested" but we're always looking for better
  • Bespoke - we recognise your business is unique and design solutions accordingly
  • Focused - we understand what's important to you and deliver the outcomes you want
  • Partnership - we work alongside you as part of your team
inspiring performance

we don't do "off the shelf" -

With the estimated global cost of dis-engagement reaching a staggering £450 billion each year (in the UK alone it's £29 billion pa) it's little wonder that engagement represents the holy grail of performance opportunity for organisations of all shapes and sizes. But traditional methods of measuring and improving engagement usually fail - this is because despite all the research that's been done into the benefits of engagement there's still no consistant definition of what engagement actually is, and without that how can you possibly drive improvements..? Our research is leading the way and our integrated model uses advances in neuro-science to help explain how people think and behave in the work-place. We also understand the links between employee engagement, work-related well-being and organisational outcomes, and we've developed practical models and tools to help you drive sustainable improvements  in your organisation.

Sometimes good things happen by chance, but relying on good luck is a risky strategy for any organisation that wants to succeed in the long term. Our Organisation Design (OD) specialists help to develop and integrate every aspect of your business; from systems and processes, to structures, job design and behaviours. When change is needed we make sure that everything's considered in a structured way, and because we've helped so many organisations in the past we can help you avoid some of the pitfalls in the future. Great organisations are designed and built to be sustainably successful and that doesn't happen by chance; our approach to organisation design and managing change ensure's that when fortune does smile you're ready to make the most of the opportunities it presents.

We leave that to supermarkets....

The world today is becoming increasingly complex, uncertain and ambiguous; things change at an alarming rate and decisions often have to be made quickly just to keep up, never mind getting ahead of the game... This creates a unique set of challenges for leaders; more than ever their role is to create an  environment where the people they lead can flourish. Only by creating high levels of clarity, trust and accountability can leaders ensure that their organisation is adaptable enough to survive. We offer a range of coaching, mentoring, workshops, individual and team development solutions to help prepare leaders to face these challenges, to allow them an opportunity to practice in a safe environment, and to have the confidence to act when it really matters.

There are many myths surrounding organisational culture; for example it's often said that changing culture is difficult and takes at least two years. Well that's not true in our experience. In practical terms, the word "culture" is simply a way of describing the behaviours that exist in the  organisation, some of which may be more visible than others. To change culture you need to change behaviours and our approach to achieving fast, sustainable culture change is based on just that. We start by helping you to define the culture you want and identify the critical behaviours that would deliver that vision. We then review your existing culture and identify the behaviours  that contribute to it. This analysis gives us three sets of behaviours; those we must stop, those we should continue and those we need to start. By working with key people in your organisation we focus on these behaviours to deliver fast, sustainable change.