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Organisational Development
and culture change
for Your people, teams & organisation

We specialise in organisational development, culture change & behavioural projects. Harnessing our strong, proven reputation and extensive experience within local and global markets. Using a collaborative approach to helping organisations and their people achieve their goals.

As an organisational consultancy team of experienced psychologists, facilitators and executive coaches, we maximise each interaction with our clients to support individuals, teams and organisations. Our work is thoroughly adapted to each audience, promoting wellbeing, increasing productivity, and developing your people to thrive and perform at their best.


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We develop tailored strategies, 

empowering your individuals and teams to generate sustainable growth and success. Our consultancy specialisms get to the heart of your challenges through evidence-based programmes underpinned by psychology. 

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We use psychological insights to drive powerful innovation in your organisation. Our focus on developing behaviours is fueled by in-depth research. We overcome deep-routed challenges in your business through development and coaching.

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We embed transformative development across all levels of your organisation. By identifying the core strengths of your people, and developing these further through our extensive set of tools, we create sustainable people-led growth.

Our Approach


Founded on our long-held belief that it's our job to walk beside you, our approach is to guide you and share our expertise based on deep academic research and significant experience across many sectors.

As a trusted partner, we support you in delivering desired outcomes that are engaging, fun and thoughtful without shying away from the difficult stuff. Most importantly, with any intervention of change or development, we work 'with you' to achieve results, not 'do it to you'. We will always support you with kindness and wisdom, which is at the core of our highly experienced and hand-picked consultancy team.

You'll quickly realise that we always start with the end in mind, checking the scope of all projects with you, as a clear picture of outcomes and measurements is vital in ensuring we deliver for you, your people, and your stakeholders. 

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D4S stood out in their offer to work with us collaboratively to both identify the leadership behaviours that were the most critical for us and the learning solutions to help us acquire the skills and behaviours we needed during a period of intense change.

Sarah Bailey, Head of HR

Charity Commission

Areas of Expertise 

Established in 2007, our team have a wealth of knowledge and are experts in their own right. This is backed up by the continuous research and development they carry out around emerging shared workplace challenges and economic factors.  

You'll find that, through great conversations, we are able to use scenarios we've seen play out in other businesses to find a new perspective and best approach to tackle your unique challenges. Here's an overview of just some of our specialisms.

Innovative cultural change and effective engagement unlocks a world of possibilities for organisational growth.

Develop influential techniques that last and turn your leadership strengths into tangible results.

Make long-term changes for your team to help reach your ambitious goals through coaching with our experts. 

Recognise your reaction to stressors and create an ongoing positive impact through the right adjustments.

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