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case study

tHE Charity Commission
Business transformation

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project description in brief

D4S was initially engaged to provide support to the top 25 leaders within the Commission. This included executive coaching for individuals, team coaching for senior teams, and interactive workshops to develop leadership capabilities related to organisational change. The workshops covered various modules such as building a culture of performance, empowering individuals and teams, and fostering a culture of trust.

The Challenge and objective

A major transformation programme was planned as a result of a significant financial investment in new systems and technology.

This required a renewal of their vision and values, seeking leaders who could inspire others, shift entrenched work practices, and deliver a more efficient and agile service.

“They stood out in their offer to work with us collaboratively to identify the leadership behaviours that were the most critical for us.”

What charity commission loved about working with us

Success & Future
Roll Out

Leading Through
Intense Change

Extremely Effective
& Patient


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We have many reasons to be extremely pleased with our choice.

D4S have shown patience and a professional skill, expertly guiding and supporting our leadership journey, winning confidence from    all who have worked with them.

Sarah Bailey
Head of HR Development



D4S delivered individual and collective support, incorporating 360° feedback and psychometrics. The programme emphasised a highly collaborative, personalised and tailored approach, enabling leaders & teams to make significant changes in their thinking & working styles.

The programme was widely recognised as a success, with leaders empowered to drive behavioural change and new ways of working. This saw reported positive changes in mindset, behaviour, communication, and collaboration among wider staff. 


Due to the programme’s success, D4S subsequently commenced delivery of the programme to the next level of 60 leaders within the Charity Commission.

"The success was down to the skills, in-depth knowledge, sensitivity and approach of the facilitators from D4S"

In a pre- and post-programme survey, leaders reported a number of results which are displayed below:

tHE rESULTS and impact for the charity commission

wellbeing session results and impact 2606.png
The programme for our most senior 25 leaders was very successful and challenging which is exactly what we wanted it to be.

We subsequently rolled out the programme to a further 60 managers this year. The programme has been extremely successful and the feedback consistently positive.

Sarah Bailey 

Head of HR Development
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