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Steep Mountains


Coaching has the power to transform. Our Psychologists, Facilitators and Coaches reach under the surface and craft tailor-made programmes around you to help you reach your ambitious goals. Equipping you with future-proof techniques and gifting you with the ability to create your own growth through powerful programmes.

Visualise where you want to be in 6-12 months and meet us virtually or face-to-face to glue together the perfect programme for your outcomes. We widen your thinking and engage with your organisation's decision makers to buy-in to your goals.

We ask you the questions you won't have thought of and give you unique insights through our expertise in workplace psychology, following the latest research in coaching and development. Have you ever wished you could throw off the shackles that stop you reaching your full potential? Turn perceived weaknesses into strengths and unchain yourself from your own restraints. 

Achieve your goals faster, expand your influence and build self-reliance this year.


Our hands-on experience of successfully navigating senior levels within business ourselves gives us empathy of your struggles and proven solutions. We have a wealth of experience supporting some of the largest and most ambitious organisations in the UK and beyond.

Futureproof your growth

We're an independent consultancy, driven by a desire to understand and grow talented people like you through our specialist skillsets and tools such as Facet 5 psychometric profiling. 


You already have the right tools to succeed, hidden inside you. Extend your influence and make real, long-term changes for yourself and your team. We have a wealth of experience supporting ambitious individuals and leaders within organisations from innovative start-ups to large ambitious multi-national companies.

Between 70 – 80% of our communication takes the form of narrative storytelling; we are doing it all the time, even without realising it.

free Development tasters

Our monthly Espresso sessions give you a 20 minute boost, offering you a taster of our larger development programmes. On topics from building good habits to mental strength. Free for your whole team to attend. It's also a great chance to see some of our experienced executive coaches in action.


Explore our upcoming sessions here:

Free Development Sessions

“Chris and D4S have worked with the senior team for over 5 years. Chris has facilitated our ‘thinking’ time and supported translating this into a high-level planning approach which enables each member of the team to contribute to the discussions and the development of ideas and how they translate into actions.” 

Dr Bridget McConnell CBE
Chief Executive, Glasgow Life, 900+ employees 

coaching services. whoever you are

the people we coach

Person to represent people who want to grow

People who want to grow

Person to represent leaders inspiring their people

Leaders that want to inspire

Person to represent teams who want to grow together

Teams that want to win together

Teams that have lost their way

Person to represent teams who have lost their way

Are you fed up of not reaching the heights you want from your career? Or struggling to get your message across and grow your personal presence?

Learn techniques to transform your results & the perceptions of those around you with tailored individual coaching.

Become the type of leader who drives performance, builds passion within the team and can set and achieve ambitious goals through executive coaching. 

Identify your strengths to achieve your goals. Tackle your weaknesses and excel. Create a team that celebrate together and gather ways to future-proof your team bond with performance coaching.

Are you struggling with a siloed team or lack of buy-in from your leaders?  When teams don't understand each other they fail to communicate and grow. Tackle this and experience better results and even better employee wellbeing through effective team coaching.

The statistics behind powerful coaching

Coaching in numbers


51% of respondents from organisations that invest in coaching reported higher revenue than that of other similar businesses. Start generating better results today.*


68% of employees agreed that development and training are the most critical policies within a company. Invest in your team and watch them go above and beyond in return with the techniques they learn.*


70-80% of our communication is done through narrative storytelling, understand how to share the right story. Just like our Espresso session Mastering the Metaphor explore how to use the power of story-telling*


89% of HR leaders agree that constant employee feedback and training are essential. Don't watch your best teammates walk away, inspire them and build a vision for the future in their minds.*

start your coaching journey

coaching situations tackled - TAILOR-MADE TO YOU


  • Personal Development Techniques to Reach New Heights


  • Build Resilience and Emotional Intelligence (Futureproof your Growth)

  • Use Facet 5 personality profiling to understand yourself and others on a deep level

  • Establish your Presence to Influence and Inspire 

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (Learn Cognitive Diversity Techniques)


  • Workplace Wellbeing and Employee Engagement


  • Team Collaboration: Moving forward together as one team

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