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Leadership Development

Develop a rich leadership style
that drives team performance.
Craft your journey with our experts.


transform your viewpoint

As a leader, you hold the power to transform the people around you and design a successful future that matches your personal vision. But barriers erode your capacity for growth, you can find yourself sabotaged by your own busy schedule,   self-doubt or a demotivated team who hold you back and don't share your passion.

Our psychologists take the treasure already hidden inside your inner strengths and teach you powerful, influential and inspiring techniques to drive team performance through motivation and add both profitability and innovation to your business.


Leadership programmes can be a slippery slope, leaving you with shallow knowledge of many skills rather than focuses on key ones with a goal centric mindset. We weave our programmes around your goals taking the time to get to know you and your company's pain points on a deep level.

Increase Performance.   Improve Profitability.    Reach Goals Faster.    Inspire Others

Our Designed4Success (D4S) team is an independent consultancy, driven by a desire to understand, specialising supporting you on your leadership development journey. Our team of psychologists, coaches, HR professionals and facilitators has a rich background with multiple specialist skillsets.


Our hands on experience of successfully navigating senior levels within business ourselves gives us empathy of your struggles, we have a wealth of experience supporting some of the largest and most ambitious organisations in the UK and beyond.

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Tailored programmes are the thing that will make the difference, so we want to meet you.



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The Right Tools To Adapt Quickly

As a leader today you have reduced business visibility with all the constant change.


Be the person that leads your business into the future, who laughs in the face of uncertainty by responding to change quickly and with clarity in a way that inspires others and drives them to perform.


Programmes you'd love...but we'll tailor make them

It's always good to see things at a glance. So here are the leadership programmes our clients have loved before:

  • Established Presence

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Building resilience and emotional intelligence

  • Workplace wellbeing

  • Motivation and performance


What type of leader are you?

The People we help


Established leaders

Have you been a leader for a while?

Are you keen to try new things, motivate your team and tap into their skillsets?

If you're ready to explore techniques you don't know when and grow even more then speak with us.


We equip leaders to be coaches and mentor their teams


New leaders

There is a lot of firsts when you become a new leader.

You'll have some great skillsets to bring to this role but there are many pitfalls you'll not spot.

How to avoid these and what to do when they happen to inspire confidence and drive results.


Leaders in new roles

You can be an exceptional leader in one business only to be stumped by a new challenge in a different sector, the cognitive diversity of your new team or resistance.

Learn tips to have authority and empathy at the same time.

High potentials


Without building great leaders for the future there is no prosperous tomorrow.


We help you spot these high potentials and then develop them to build a secure future for your business.

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