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Fancy an Espresso to Go?


At our Consultancy, we offer free monthly Espresso Sessions to help businesses tackle common challenges and stay ahead of the curve. Since we know your time is valuable, we've also created actionable takeaways from past sessions, so you can put our insights to work.


Download them today and start making meaningful changes to your business!

Hiring Agility - Hiring for the Present and the Future

You're getting caught in a vicious which is widening your future skills how is this happening and what can you do to prevent this?

Download a taster of David Orange's extensive knowledge on hiring agility and explore new ways to use skills blending.

Unlock potential in your existing and future team members with these powerful techniques.

Takeaways Hiring Agility - Final Draft (3).png

Growing in Line with
Your Values

One of the things that comes up time and time again when we’re speaking to leaders is the importance of WHY they want to hit particular goals.


Growth without direction is fruitless. With conflicting priorities and time pressures it is easy to become too busy bailing out the ship to notice which direction its heading in!

Explore the power of growing in line with your values.

values takeaway2.png

The Psychology of Body Language

We all know that body language is a powerful means of communication. It helps us in almost all areas of our work: From building relationships, delivering presentations, providing feedback, and leading and inspiring others.


In this session, we explored the latest, scientific research in body language (with some myth-busting too), so you can learn and adapt effectively to enhance your nonverbal communication.

body language session download.png

Overcoming Your
Imposter Syndrome

93% of our imposter syndrome session attendees have experienced self-doubt which had them asking questions such as "Was I just lucky?"

Imposter Syndrome is prevalent amongst everyone from high performers to new starters. Our Imposter Syndrome takeaways highlight some of the great information from Sarah, our Espresso session host. Here's just some of the feedback we had from the session.

"“Very useful, thank you. Great food for thought and actionable content.”

Download your free takeaways here:

imposter syndrome png.png

Why Neuroinclusion is Good for Business and the World

Neurodiversity in the workplace is a trending topic right now and for good reason. Organisations striving to create inclusive environments are rapidly seeing the value of embracing neuroinclusion.

We've gathered takeaways from Hayley Brackley's hugely powerful neurodiversity espresso session with tips for getting the best out of your whole team.

Increase team productivity, build an inclusive environment and help everyone to succeed.

You can now also download information on our 2 day Neuroinclusion and TeamScape session too!

neuroinclusion takeaways

Building Psychological Safety in the Workplace

Psychological safety helps create high performance teams that go from good to great. Leaders have a strong role to play and by identifying behaviours you want to grow, or remove, you can vastly improve your company culture and drive innovation in your teams. 

We've created a list of top tips from the session along with some useful next steps to build psychological safety in your own team.

Psychological Safety Takeaways.png

Age Diversity: Bridging the Age Gap in the Modern World

Gen-Z, Millennials, Baby Boomers… how can we work together effectively? Well, contrary to many sensationalist headlines, we’re not all that different. And that’s a good starting point.


In this session, we explored the similarities and differences between the different generations in work, re-examine some persisting stereotypes, and understand how best we can establish powerful working relationships between workers of different ages.

Espresso Takeaways Development Session.png
Architectural Structure

Inspiring Performance

What to read next

If you enjoyed our takeaways you'll find these resources useful too! To explore how you can further develop your teams and leaders by working with our Designed4Success team get in touch and book a virtual coffee with us.

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Architectural Structure

Inspiring Performance

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