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Learning at
work weeK 2025

Promote Life-long Learning Within your Organisation

Learning At Work Week takes place annually as a unique event which explores the power of learning cultures in the workplace. It shines a spotlight on the importance and benefits of continuous learning - as an individual, as a team and as a company.

When is Learning at Work Week 2025

Learning at Work Week 2025 takes place between 19th-26th May and there are many ways your company can get involved in promoting learning culture and unlocking new skills.

Learning at Work Week Theme for 2024 - Learning Power

The 2024 theme was lifelong and continual learning gives us the power to change, grow and achieve our goals. These goals work best when we have individual, team and organisational goals. Getting together to learn allows teams to expand their knowledge in a way that maximises learning, innovation and results.

How Can You Get Involved in Learning At Work Week 2025?

Learning at Work Week is for everyone, but particularly for organisations, to celebrate the importance of learning. This is not limited to company size, so whether you're a start-up, SME, public sector organisation or multi-national organisation you can get involved.

There are many events during this week for HR and L&D professionals to share learning with their team. Every year Designed4Success, Organisational Development Consultancy, provides free sessions open to everyone as well as bespoke paid events hosted just for your organisation.

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Learning at work Sessions 

Get Your Team Involved in our Learning at Work Week Celebrations

Here's a look back on 9 exciting sessions we hosted for Learning at Work Week 2024. To see all Learning At Work Week paid sessions take a look here. These are available throughout 2024 and we're taking requests for 2025 too. We'll let you know more about Learning at Work Week Sessions for 2025 soon. 

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Here's some inspiration to get you started for Learning at Work Week. From blogs we've shared to what we've done in previous years.

2023 Sessions - From Neurodiversity to Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Helpful Resources

Benefits of Learning at Work Week


Get employees motivated and excited about learning, to maximise future opportunities for development. 

Find hidden talents within your team by using learning to unlock their potential and creativity.

Break down work silos and bring different departments and teams together to learn new skills


Our free monthly sessions are a great way to share a learning culture with your whole team, without the cost! Our popular monthly Espresso sessions are always free, it's our way of giving back to the L&D community. 

With a wide range of attendees from HR professionals, Learning and Development specialists and department heads, everyone is welcome.

Explore Free Espresso Sessions

It's also a great way to get a taste for our exclusive Insight sessions just for organisations which you can book, these are paid events. 

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