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Awakening Passion in Work for Your Role

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Having passion in work changes everything.

Not only does it make every day feel more enjoyable but being passionate about your role has a wealth of benefits for both your career and your overall well-being.

It changes how you approach tasks, deal with setbacks and even how you communicate.

Passion in work shines a light that boosts productivity

Increase Engagement in your Team

Listening to someone talk about something they are passionate about can be mesmerising, they hook you in, maybe even on a topic that you didn’t previously have an interest in.

You can compare that to the times you have had to sit and listen to something that should have been engaging but you found your mind wandering.

Often, you can simply tell that the speaker’s heart wasn’t in it. They lacked passion.

The Threat to Employee Retention

With the rise of trends such as ‘quiet quitting’, the consequences of not being passionate about your role are becoming more noticeable.

Without passion for what they do, people lack the motivation needed to excel and we see a decline in their performance.

These people are less likely to advance in their career and report lower job satisfaction levels which can have a knock-on effect and lower morale for their whole team.

Passion in work builds bridges and makes your road smoother

Empowering Yourself through Passion in Work

The problem is, many of us view the passion we feel as something that is out of our control. When we are assigned a project, we believe it will either be:

· Something that we are passionate about or

· Something that we are not passionate about

However, passion is not a fixed state. Likened to a fire inside us, it is something that we can take active steps to create for ourselves and fuel throughout our careers.

Increasing Motivation at Work

When you learn how to create this passion within your role, work feels energising and you experience enhanced productivity, creativity and vitality.

You are intrinsically motivated and see physical benefits as a consequence of reduced stress and better overall psychological wellbeing.

You are better able to problem solve and overcome challenges because you have a stronger commitment to your work and demonstrate more resilience.

Furthermore, passion is infectious and can help you develop influence and build relationships with those around you.

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