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Being in the Moment

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Being in the moment is an essential ingredient for living a happy life. It is about centring yourself in the here and now and being aware of everything that you are experiencing; not preoccupied by what you’re doing this evening or that mistake you made last week.

Most negative emotions are rooted in the past or future – you may experience anger because of something that has happened or experience worry about something that may happen. When you practice being in the moment, you are no longer sat in the passenger seat as emotions take over your experience, but you can shift your focus back to present, providing yourself the opportunity to acknowledge but dispel these feelings.

It's no surprise that negative emotions take control so easily when hectic schedules and constant multi-tasking have become the norm, keeping us distracted from what really matters. How many times do we catch ourselves thinking about our upcoming presentation while having coffee with a friend or cringing about the past as we catch up on our favourite podcast? A Harvard University study found that peoples’ minds wander 47% of the time, that’s almost half of our day that we are failing to be in the present moment. The study concluded that during this time we are more miserable, even if we are thinking about something pleasant! Research also suggests that being in the moment has a more significant effect on happiness than other factors such as income and marital status. It can be a shock when we realise how little time we spend actively living in the present and even more so to learn how much this can affect our happiness.

So, how can you connect and be in the moment? Discover strategies and techniques that enable you to connect with the present and regain control in difficult situations in our FREE upcoming Espresso Session with Ian Connaughton on 13/07/22 08:30-08:50 BST. Book your ticket here: Being In The Moment Tickets, Wed 13 Jul 2022 at 08:30 | Eventbrite

Our espresso sessions are a concentrated shot of freshly brewed thinking from the team at D4S. In just 20 minutes we'll introduce a current challenge or opportunity, throw in a novel idea or some contemporary research, and finish off with a practical action or solution that could really make a difference. As always, no commitment, no strings attached – just an opportunity to learn for free.

Run early morning once or twice each month, these little bursts of enlightenment are completely free of charge - just register for the events up to a month ahead on Eventbrite. You can see our full schedule of sessions here: Designed4Success Events | Eventbrite


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