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How to develop your leaders in 2024

In the ever-evolving business landscape, the role of leadership continues to be pivotal. As we venture into the new year organisations will face new challenges, creating new demands.

Join us as we explore key strategies to nurture and develop leaders over the next year.

Key strategies for Leadership Development in 2024

1. Holistic Leadership Development Programmes

We’ve seen a real shift in what it takes to succeed as a leader in the last year, rapid changes have made it essential for leaders to be able to adapt, pivot and have the skills to lead others through change and uncertainty.

Giving your leaders access to bespoke leadership programmes, aligned with your organisations goals and designed to meet the needs of your specific teams, will equip them to smoothly navigate the challenges of leadership. This also allows your leaders to develop the key skills that are required to succeed as a leader in the modern workplace.

Incorporating approaches such as blended learning allows in-person workshops to really focus on putting skills into practice. Making the use of time more effective and allowing participants to access content at any time.

Mountain and water to represent leadership development

2. 1-1 and Team Coaching

Coaching has established itself as a pivotal strategy for nurturing and enhancing leadership capabilities.

Tailored sessions allow individuals to explore specific challenges, develop their strengths and work through individual development areas.

Within teams this fosters trust, effective communication and synergy between leaders and team members. This significantly increases both individual and collective performance.

The International Coaching Federation conducted a study that indicated that 86% of organisations saw additional returns on their initial investment in coaching; primarily due to increased productivity.

3. Mentoring Programmes

Mentoring creates opportunities for knowledge sharing and there is a lot to be gained by both the mentor and the mentee, as well as increasing overall productivity for the organisation.

Receiving guidance from a mentor supports emerging leaders to navigate their career trajectory, improve their decision-making capabilities and set realistic goals.

Understanding the science behind matching mentors and mentees, supporting them to set clear objectives that are aligned with both personal & organisational goals, and continuous reflection and evaluation is key to developing a programme that will support the organisations current and future leaders.

Mountain climb to represent mentorship between leaders and teams

4. Wellbeing support

Supporting your leaders with wellbeing not only allows them to reach their own full potential but also to understand how to support their team to achieve the same.

By engaging with wellbeing programmes around mental strength you can support leaders to identify and eliminate hurdles and support each other to develop. This also helps your leaders to be proactive and take responsibility for growing and developing projects and organisations as a whole.

A lack of line manager skills and confidence to support wellbeing were the top challenges highlighted in a recent report by CIPD. This highlights the importance of supporting leaders who are then able to support others in the workplace.

5. Informed Recruitment

Leverage the support of psychometric testing in the selection and recruitment of your leaders to help you better understand their working preferences and style in leadership.

Capable of cutting recruitment costs, predicting long-term performance and reducing staff turnovers psychometric tests are used by 75% of the Times ‘Best Companies to Work For’.

Our clients have benefited from utilising a range of psychometrics to develop their leaders this year including; Facet5, Insights, Clifton Strengths Finder, Disc, Hogan and MBTI.

secure house on a mountain top to reckon strong leadership in 2024

Developing strong leaders in 2024

Developing strong leaders in 2024 will require a proactive, adaptable and multifaceted approach.

By investing in management programmes, coaching, mentoring and honing in on recruitment processes, organisations can empower their leaders to navigate complexities and drive success in the years ahead.

Speak about Leadership Development

It would be good to hear about the challenges you are facing and your goals for 2024. Get in touch if you'd like to explore the many ways we can help develop your leaders and maximise productivity, improve wellbeing and much more.


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