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Engaging Minds Through Clear Communication

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Communication is embedded in our everyday lives whether it’s through conversation, an email or your body language. Improving your communication can have a big effect on the impact you have and can increase organisational productivity by as much as 25%.

Whilst the importance of communication is rarely understated many don’t truly understand how to resonate and connect with their audience. It is easy to send a quick email without considering the impact of the phrasing or to assume that others have the same background knowledge of a situation. Although some may have mastered it more than others, communication is not a skill that has ever been perfected and there is always room for improvement.

96% of employees want a more empathetic approach to workplace communication. When communication occurs, the focus is often not the message that the sender intended to send, nor the words they used - it is what the receiver understood. Communication is only effective if the intended message is the same as what is understood by the receiver. To fully understand what is being communicated, it is about more than the exchange of words. You must seek to understand the intentions and emotion behind them and be aware of what others see from their perspective.

Not only does communication affect relationships but 86% of all employees attribute company failures to poor communication. Developing clear communication will allow you to improve efficiency, better understand others, and reduce frustration arising from misunderstandings.

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