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9 Ways to Boost Your Learning Power with the Learning at Work Week theme

Learning at Work Week takes place on the w/c 13th May 2024 and it's the perfect time to strengthen the skillsets of your team! 

The Learning at Work Week 2024 theme is ‘Learning Power.’ This gives you the perfect opportunity to grow, connect, engage with your teams, and develop your learning culture to generate long-term relationships. 

Here are 9 things you can focus on during Learning at Work Week to tap into your learning power: 

butterfly to represent growth and learning at work week - learning power

Power to Grow: Learning at Work Week Theme Ideas 

1. Developing a Growth Mindset 

To learn effectively, you first need the right mindset. After all, if you don’t feel inspired or motivated, it’s much harder to achieve your goals. 

Likewise, if you want your team to be passionate about your organisational goals this needs to come from the right starting point to be effective. 

We recently explored the importance of a growth mindset for adaptability within organisations in more depth in a recent article. 

The modern world provides plenty of unexpected changes and investing in coaching sessions is a great way to lay the foundations for your development plans for the rest of the year and beyond. 

Employees in a "growth mindset" company are more likely to say that: 

  • Risk Taking - 65% - the company supports risk taking 

  • Innovation – 49% - The company fosters innovation 

  • Trust – 47% - Their colleagues are trustworthy 

  • Ownership – 34% - Feel strong sense of ownership & commitment to the company 

You can learn to shift your mindset to accelerate the speed of your learning too! 

Ready to create the right Optimal Mindset For Learning? 

2. Give the Gift of Self-Coaching 

Having a great coaching team on your side can take your organisation to the next level whether you work for a start-up or a multi-national organisation. 

But what about having the additional ability to self-coach? 

We know ourselves better than anyone else, so when you learn self-coaching techniques that help you grow your self-awareness, you can develop methods to use every day between coaching sessions. 

80% of coaching clients in a recent study said they improved their self-confidence due to coaching and self-coaching allows you to continue this on further! 

3. Overcome Imposter Syndrome 

Self-doubt can be the biggest enemy of your ability to learn. When your team don’t feel confident, it’s harder for them to learn new technical and soft skills and put these into practice.  

Learning how to identify those personal triggers of self-doubt and how to challenge your own negative self-talk can help you overcome imposter syndrome. 

54% of women and 34% of men say they’ve experienced imposter syndrome meaning its likely many of your team are affected and left unchecked this can significantly hinder your team’s ability to reach their full potential, perform, learn and take the right risks to drive innovation. 

Ready to unlock your team’s full potential? - Imposter Syndrome Session 
Aeroplane ring to represent learning at work week power to connect

Power to Connect: Learning at Work Week Theme Ideas

1. Trigger Curiosity In Your Team 

You actively boost the learning power of your whole team when you trigger curiosity. These also have positive knock-on effects for both job performance and employee wellbeing. 

Curiosity generates intrinsic motivation, the drive to do something for your innate satisfaction rather than for external rewards.  

As a result your team members are more likely to show initiative in seeking information and investing time and effort into exploring innovative solutions.  

This not only enhances individual learning but contributes to increased engagement and growth of the whole team. 

Curious yet? - Start to Trigger Curiosity with this learning at work week session. 

2. Adapting To Difficult Situations

With the ever-changing world of work it’s vital that your team have the right skills to adapt quickly, from decision-making through to mental strength. 

When you equip your teams and leaders with the right skills to handle a crisis and adapt to difficult situations this makes a big difference. 

Many of us can look back on a situation where stress took over within us and wished we’d handled things differently. Having the right tools reduces these feelings of regret by giving us the right methods to deal with difficult situations in a better way in real time. 

71% of 1,500 executives from more than 90 countries said adaptability was the most important quality they looked for in a leader.  

Want your team to adapt quickly to difficult situations? - Explore this learning at work week session

3. Supercharging the Collective Intelligence of Your Team 

You’ve got a high-performing team, great! How do you keep them performing at a high level. Or perhaps you secretly wish you could improve the performance of your team and perhaps even your own performance? 

Collective Intelligence has little to do with individual IQ and instead is a powerful tool to help you achieve even greater success. 

Intrigued about supercharging the collective intelligence of your team? 

sun stone henge to represent learning at work week theme

Power to Engage: Learning at Work Week Theme Ideas

1. Creating Neuroinclusive Environments 

We all have a unique combination of skills and needs and our brains all work in different ways, this effects how we learn, process information, think and develop as people. 

Neurodiversity recognises the intrinsic diversity in brain function and cognition, and it’s estimated that around 15-20% of the world’s population are neurodivergent.  

But crucially, just because people have the same condition does not been they’ll think in the same way. Employers can create inclusive environments and improve company culture by better understanding neurodiversity. 

Want to create a neuroinclusive working environment? - Explore this neurodiversity session

2. Elevate your learning through Mental Strength 

We’ve already talked about how to set yourself up for a mentally strong year. Mental Strength requires a combination of emotional intelligence and self-awareness, so building on these helps your team to be mentally prepared for the challenges ahead.  

What’s more Mental Strength helps you overcome common challenges in the learning process. However, it’s hard to build Mental Strength without the right strategies. 

Ready to elevate your team’s learning by cultivating mental strength?  

3. Promoting a Learning Culture in your team 

Learning individually has its merits, but what if you could tap into the power of continuous learning across your whole team? This is what happens when you build a learning culture.  

Learning practical techniques to build learning cultures as leaders, teams or for new managers is a great way to improve productivity, motivation and stimulate employee engagement. 

Ready to embrace a powerful learning culture in your organisation? 

Learning at Work Week Sessions 

This year choose from 9 development sessions, designed to be perfect for your teams to learn together and grow, connect and engage this May. 

Explore all 9 sessions where which are available as sessions for organisations during learning at work week, subject to availability, and beyond. 

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