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Mental Strength: Setting Yourself Up for a Mentally Strong Year

As we step into the new year, cultivating Mental Strength is an important part of setting ourselves up for success in the year ahead. Being mentally fit enables us to smoothly navigate the challenges and uncertainties life brings.

Here’s the recipe to set yourself up for a mentally strong year, full of resilience, positivity, and productivity.

1. Reflect and take the best parts forward:

Begin by reflecting on the year just gone. Ask yourself…What went well and what is worth you keeping or continuing with? What didn’t go well, that you can accept and let go off? What did you learn? Acknowledging both sides of the coin, both the successes and the challenges, as they are, without trying to change them allows us to take the knowledge we have gained and set the direction we wish to go with a clear mind.

2. Set your direction through realistic goals

Set realistic and attainable goals, breaking down big projects or challenges into bite sized pieces helps us to stay motivated and avoid feelings of overwhelm.

Setting realistic goals - Mountain to represent

3. Notice your thought trails - Reframing negative thoughts

Observe the journey your thoughts typically take. Does one negative thought lead to another? Do you get caught up in it? By noticing and reframing negative thoughts we can open up to different ideas and opportunities, leading to more helpful and balanced perspectives.

4. Find time for Self-Care

Make time for activities that leave you feeling refreshed and calm. Recognise that this may look different from day to day. Having a range of strategies will help you draw on the things that are most helpful for you when you need them. Some examples of this could be: Catching up with a friend, making a cup of tea, reading a book that inspires you, exercising or practicing mindfulness.

5. Building Good Habits:

Mental strength is built on good habits. Incorporating healthy habits into your daily routine will build your resilience both at home and at work. Consider what your brain and body needs to function well:

• Sufficient sleep

• Good nutrition

• Exercise

• Connection with others

• Sunlight

Especially in the winter months, building a habit such as getting outside in the fresh air and connecting with nature can help your body’s systems function well and relieve stress.

mental strength and good habits - path through a wood

Building Mental Strength in 2024

Building your Mental Strength and setting yourself up for the year ahead requires intentional effort and a commitment. By following this recipe to build mental fitness you will be well on your way to setting yourself up for a successful year ahead.

As you embark on this journey, remember that you don't have to do it alone. Professional coaching can be a valuable resource to guide you through the process, providing personalised strategies and support. Whether you're seeking to enhance your resilience, clarify your goals, or overcome specific challenges, a coach can be an invaluable resource to getting you where you want to go.

Get in touch to find a D4S coach.


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