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Remote Working


Now More Than Ever

people are working remotely. Whether it's for reasons of cost, efficiency, globalisation, climate concerns or Covid-19 people are increasingly relying on  "virtual environments" to conduct all aspects of business. Technology has advanced rapidly and a multitude of excellent platforms exist to facilitate remote working, but organisations also need to develop new behaviours and ways of working if the benefits are to be fully realised.


Studies consistantly show that without a change in behaviour and approach, remote working serves to isolate and disengage employees. Collaboration, team-working and collective accountability become more difficult and performance suffers as a result.

The following programmes will help you get the most from remote working:

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Building and maintaining resilience for remote workers and teams

Building and maintaining motivation in remote teams

Meeting and collaborating in a virtual environment


Building trust and psychological safety for remote workers and teams

Enabling high performance in virtual teams

Designing and facilitating sessions in a
virtual environment

Coaching clinics for remote workers and teams

Leading and managing remote workers and  teams

Architectural Structure

Inspiring Performance

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