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Workplace Wellbeing 

increasING engagement and reducING absenteeism 

Enrich your team's ability to develop inner strengths and empower each other by weaving powerful workplace wellbeing strategies throughout your organisation. Enhancing company culture, overcoming challenges and building team cohesiveness.

Improving wellbeing at work is bigger than being a responsible employer, it opens doors to increase employee retention & engagement, transform productivity and improve individual and team performance. 

With specialist expertise in wellbeing, our organisational consultancy team bring innovative techniques into your business and improves your team's tolerance for emotional upheaval in a healthy adaptive way.

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As human beings, we're neurobiologically wired for certainty, safety, security and belonging. However, the working environment requires daily interactions which often involve difficult conversations, decision making and adapting to unforeseen challenges. Explore our mental strength and workplace wellbeing expertise below.

As an organisational consultancy team we specialise in behavioural projects, culture change and organisational development. We maximise each interaction through our team of psychologists, facilitators and executive coaches.

Build Mentally
strong Leadership

Support Your Mental Health First Aiders

Develop Mental Strength
Within Your Teams

Create Wellbeing
Steering Groups

Workplace Wellbeing

Coaching Techniques for Teams and Individuals 

Which of the 6 goals above resonate most with you? Our approach is highly tailored so speak to us about the challenges your team are facing, and your organisational goals, for more bespoke recommendations.

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Introducing Mental Strength

Mental Strength is being mentally prepared for challenges ahead. It requires self-awareness, emotional intelligence and practice in strategies that support us when things are at their toughest. You wouldn’t run a marathon without targeted preparation and strengthening. By exploring mental fitness it is possible to identify areas in which we can improve and skills that need honing so that when we are faced with the inevitable challenges of working life, we are able to maintain focus and succeed.


Here are 5 of the benefits mental strength provides at work:

  • Encourages psychological safety leading to better wellbeing of employees.

  • Gives teams a common language and perspective from which to support each other to develop. 

  • Identifies and eliminates hurdles, driving a forward momentum for teams to work collaboratively, reducing a blame culture and increasing motivation.

  • Encourages employees and employers to be proactive and take responsibility for growing and developing projects and the organisation as a whole.

  • Sets people up for success. By starting strong they're in a better place to cope with the challenges, pressures and demands placed on them. This means there is less of a negative impact when things do go wrong and also leads to a faster recovery. 

In terms of the overarching picture of how workplace wellbeing can make a difference there are a few ways in particular where investing in the wellbeing of your people, and yourself, can create powerful, tangible results.

Charlotte has an empathy, perceptiveness and nuance, combined with her diverse knowledge and expertise. She has the capability to give illumination to a host of seemingly intractable situations. And, she delivers all this in a bespoke, highly engaging and professional manner.

Team Leader,
Care Sector


We regularly post tips from people-focused strategies to stress management. Explore our latest ones here. You can also view more on the power of resilience at work here.

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We'll put you in touch with our wellbeing specialist, who can help you explore and develop how you could transform your people and organisation through wellbeing strategies and behaviour-led wellbeing programmes.

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