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WEEK 2023

Promote life-long learning within your organisation by celebrating Learning at Work Week.


Learning at Work Week is an annual event co-ordinated by Campaign for Learning and delivered by organisations in workplaces across the country. The 2023 Learning at Work Week theme was Create the Future and took place the week of 15-21st May.

Learning at Work Week 2024 takes place on the week of 13th-19th May with the theme 'Learning Power'


As organisational development specialists, at D4S, we use cutting-edge research to provide large complex organisations with transformative leadership and team development. Creating positive cultural change and providing psychological insights unique to your organisation.

Explore Learning at Work Week Sessions for 2024

Below is a look back at what we offered in 2023, however something below sounds great for your team get in touch and we can see what's available for you.

New Town

Create a powerful future for your organisation with 18 modules for Learning At Work Week developed by the D4S team of psychologists, coaches and facilitators. 

60 and 90 minutes Modules for up to 18 participants depending on the module. Choose the Modules that matter most to your organisation.


Delivered virtually on the week of the 15-19th May. We can provide follow-ups and face-to-face sessions for future dates too, speak to us for more details.

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Module types for individuals, teams and organisations








Each expert speaker has limited space so book early to avoid disappointment. Mix and match your module selection or order the whole suite. Read on for all 18 Module outlines.

SET PRICING OF £750 per module

18 virtual Modules


Create your future

Styled Garden

Individual modules to
Create a better you

Low essential skills cost the UK economy £22bn in 2022.*

Choose from 8 Modules you can book for Learning at Work Week aimed at individual learning and growth. For your great and your people. Unlocking inner change. Book one module or several.

Module 1A: Future proof you!

  • Learn techniques to check your stress levels.

  • Identify your biggest hurdles.

  • Learn skills to better manage challenges ahead.

Module 1B: Overcoming imposter syndrome

  • Identify your values to help bring clarity to decision making.

  • Establish your priorities.

  • Learn strategies to keep you moving forward.

Module 1C: Becoming unstuck and keep growing

  • Identify your values to help bring clarity to decision making.

  • Establish your priorities.

  • Learn strategies to keep you moving forward.

​Module 1D Discovering Learning

  • Explore the neuroscience around learning.

  • Understand the importance of un-learning.

  • Understand the factors that most impact our capacity to learn.

  • Identify hints and tips to optimise learning.

Module 1G: Knowing your learning Kryptonite

  • Use a simple process to identify and understand what’s holding you back.

  • What can act as your ‘spinach’: super-charging your learning to help you thrive at work.

  • Enjoy a highly-interactive experience with practical take-aways.

​Module 1E: Creating and actioning future goals

  • Explore the difference between goal and intention.

  • Have a vision of your intention.

  • The emotional challenges and successes this will bring.

  • Managing your state around these.

Module 1H: Creating your future career

  • Understand the key trends that impact careers in the 21st Century.

  • Understand how to re-think your career.

  • Practical exercises to help you kickstart your re-think.

​Module 1F: Setting yourself up to succeed

  • Learn how habits form.

  • Explore what this means for hybrid working.

  • Learn habits for healthy work-life balance.


Please contact us for pricing and tell us which Modules resonate most with you.

Image by Adam Wilson

Inspiring Performance

Team Modules to
Create your future together 


82% of UK workers want their workplace to provide more frequent team-building events.*

Choose from 5 Modules you can book for Learning At Work Week that help your team grow and succeed together. Book one module or multiple ones to futureproof the team bonds within your organisation.

Module 2A: Helping others grow

  • Using questions to empower others.

  • Establishing boundaries in difficult conversations.

  • Giving feedback.

Module 2C: Gaining agreement to create change

  • Why is change not easy?

  • Understand what increases persuasiveness with others.

  • Defining the style you use.

  • Identifying how you listen.

Module 2E: Creating your dream team!

  • Learn how to identify the strengths and challenges your team faces to create a cohesive and successful team.

  • Explore the concept of psychological safety, and how it can impact your team’s growth.

  • Discover how to identify and overcome barriers and how to turn these into opportunities for growth.

​Module 2B: How to have a wellbeing conversation

  • Identify hurdles to asking for support/offering support.

  • Finding the right words. 

  • Signposting and accessing support.

Module 2D: Leveraging cognitive diversity in teams

  • Understanding what cognitive diversity is (and what it isn’t).

  • Recognising the dangers when cognitive diversity is poorly managed.

  • Learning some simple techniques for inspiring cognitive diversity in teams.

Please contact us for pricing and tell us which Modules resonate most with you.

Modern Bridge

organisation modules to
create your future

83% of organisations want to create a more people-centric culture.*

Module 3A: Leading the organisation through innovation

• Learn what’s meant by creativity and innovation, and understand their real-life importance.
• Understand how to think creatively and trigger organisational innovation.
• Recognise how to enable innovation in a considered way, while reducing potential risk.

Module 3B: How AI will shape the future organisation

  • Explore the impact of AI development on the workplace.

  • Discuss opinions around AI in the workplace.

  • Explore how you can utilise AI in your role.


Choose from 5 Modules designed to lead your organisation into the future. Book one Module or    multiple ones.

Module 3E: Crisis Leadership

5 competences you can build for the future

  • Understand the nature of crises.

  • Identify the crises you may have deal with.

  • Understand the 5 crisis leadership competences.


Module 3C: Creating a multi-generational workforce

  • Understand the impact of stereotypes and how many myths exist.

  • Identify the strengths diverse age groups and experiences can offer.

  • Learn about conditions and tools to cultivate an inclusive and powerful multi-generational workforce.

Module 3D Building Stakeholder relationships

for the future

  • Define your stakeholders.

  • Mapping your stakeholders.

  • Developing your stakeholder relationships.

Please contact us for pricing and tell us which Modules resonate most with you.


Our team includes Occupational and Organisational Psychologists, Learning and Development specialists, Executive Coaches and specially trained actors including psychologists, coaches, HR professionals and facilitators. Our team has a rich and diverse background including psychologists, coaches, HR professionals and facilitators.

Explore D4S Development options for your organisation.

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