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Resilience DURING constant change

Build resilience through influential techniques with our team of psychologists, facilitators and executive coaches.


People's starting level of stress has increased with the constant changes of today's world. This means we're using up some of our internal resources before we get to work each day. These stressers are fuelled by social, political and economic pressures, which are often unpredictable and outside our control. 


When stress becomes layered this makes our hurdles difficult to overcome. Stress in the workplace then brings us close to burnout and productivity suffers. Luckily resilience is like a muscle that you can grow.​ Access the power of resilience and build team cohesiveness. Get your team thriving under pressure.

D4S provide blended learning with face to face and online options to suit your organisational development needs. 


Charlotte Dixon Psychologist and Coach

“Recognising your reactions to stressors in your work life and building an awareness of small adjustments that can be made to enhance your daily wellbeing can positively impact your work and your happiness.”

Charlotte Dixon, D4S Psychologist and Executive Coach

What will resilience do for you?

The power of resilience


Thrive Under Pressure

52% of people have post traumatic growth, this means they don't just “bounce back” but thrive and grow as a result of adversity. However this all comes with knowing how to harness this power.* 

Growing resilience as a skillset means people learn to thrive under pressure rather than being consumed by it. 


Learning culture




Employee Retention

93% of leaders in a CMI survey found that increased stress and anxiety from the cost of living crisis was affecting employee's productivity.


People and teams who learn together constantly evolve and grow. This builds creativity and innovation and avoids repeated mistakes. 

Create a positive outlook within your team that leads to consistent growth.


Resilience builds cohesiveness within teams creating a wealth of tangible results from team performance and productivity through to improved collective wellbeing.

Improve the retention of your employees by reducing the risk of burnout, demotivation and stress.

Burnout is defined as a syndrome resulting from chronic workplace stress that is not successfully managed.*



Chess Pieces

Resilience in leadership

Equip yourself with leadership skills based on cutting-edge research. Then inspire and motivate the people around you.

Resilient leaders model to others a resilient mindset, approach and techniques and this is both inspirational and empowering to their team.


It falls on leaders to steer the ship through the uncertainty of this world.


Create clarity by building psychological safety and improve your team's productivity. 

With the breadth and depth of our team of executive coaches, psychologists and facilitators.

Balancing Rocks

Team based resilience coaching

Create good habits in the workplace and develop soft skills to achieve goals together as one team.


Develop the right mindset to tackle new situations. Deliver outcomes to delight teammates and clients.


Understand your team on a deeper level and why they respond to change the way they do and help them through it.


Start your journey with a virtual session with a resilience expert to build rapport. Explore what it's like to work with D4S.

Miami Lighthouse at Sunset

Building resilience for yourself

87% of people are using a coping mechanism to deal with the stress of the pandemic and ongoing challenges.*

These challenges can stifle your productivity and relationships in the workplace. Preventing you from reaching your full potential.


Individual coaching allows you to work through these challenges. Address your inner stress responses and unblock your road ahead. Individual coaching for your team is also candid way to approach their learning journey and futureproof the effect of new challenges.

Charlotte has an empathy, perceptiveness and nuance which, combined with her diverse knowledge and expertise, has the capability to give illumination to a host of seemingly intractable situations. And, she delivers all this in a bespoke, highly engaging and professional manner.” Team Lead, Care Sector

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start your resilience journey

When we think of resilience, we often hear the term “bounce back”. Being resilient is the process of “bouncing forward”. It is the habit of taking what we have learnt and incorporating it into our understanding of challenges so that we can adapt and develop robustness for the future. 


The reality is, things are always changing, as are we. With every experience we acquire knowledge and skills, make new connections, and find new ways of doing things that mean we can never return to being exactly how we were before. 


Our tailored programmes offer a fresh way to think differently and drive your business forward, but first we get to understand you and your team on a deep level. This allows us to develop a deep plan that adds prosperity and longevity to your organisation.


Take the first step in your journey by building resilience within your team or explore more on our wellbeing at work page.

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