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The Link Between Individual Values, Work Culture and Productive Growth

Updated: May 15

As we continue our preparations for Learning at Work Week 2024, the theme of ‘learning power’ has inspired us to further explore values and growth in the workplace.

The role of work values in productive growth

With the challenges associated with performing in today’s business landscape it can be easy to find yourself caught up in a whirlwind of tasks, obligations and deadlines – just trying to meet the expectations of others and hoping that this will come with growth.

If for a moment you imagined yourself as a boat, this would be akin to sailing in the ocean and aimlessly drifting with the wind and the currents. It’s uncertain where you’re heading and you’re likely to find yourself washed up somewhere that you weren’t expecting.

Boat surviving a storm

Work Culture and Individual Values

With a lack of fit between work culture and individual’s values coming second in a survey of top reasons to leave a job, there is evidence that setting sail without first anchoring your actions in your values will likely lead to finding yourself washed up on the shores of dissatisfaction and dissonance.

Career values serve as guiding principles, shaping our decisions, actions and ultimately our levels of satisfaction. They are the compass which can steer us through the stormy seas of our careers, ensuring that we stay true to ourselves amidst competing demands.

The Importance of a Career Plan

Those of us who are yet to understand our values will find that our career trajectory is more susceptible to external pressures. We may find ourselves chasing fleeting accomplishments that leave us feeling unfulfilled or compromising on our principles, leaving us feeling disconnected from our true selves. With this we run the risk of veering off course and ending up in places that we wouldn’t have chosen to be.

Career path and productive growth - car driving near a tall tree

Growing In Line with Your Values for Productive Growth

To harness the power of our values and chart a course towards productive growth it all begins with introspection. Take the time to identify your core values – the non-negotiable principles that define who you are and what you stand for. Then develop strategies for using your values to guide your decisions. By anchoring your aspirations in alignment with your values, you'll not only cultivate a sense of purpose and fulfilment but also increase your role satisfaction and productivity.

Personal Growth Boost - Free Development Session

At our upcoming espresso session, with psychologist and coach Charlotte Dixon, we’ll delve deeper into why values are important for success, the risk of ignoring your values and explore practical strategies that you can use to leverage your values to set meaningful goals and carve out clear direction for productive growth.


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