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The Importance of Learning Power in the Workplace

With Learning at Work Week 2024 coming up in less than a month, we’ve been busy exploring this year’s theme ‘Learning Power’.

Learning power explores how lifelong and continual learning gives us power to change, grow and achieve our individual, team and organisational goals.

But how does learning power drive organisational success?

Plane to represent learning power

Company Culture

At the heart of fostering learning power in the workplace lies company culture. Learning power is not just about providing opportunities to learn new skills but cultivating a culture that fosters growth and adaptability. In organisations that prioritise continuous learning, employees are more likely to feel empowered to explore new ideas, seek opportunities for development and take calculated risks.

By celebrating this, organisations foster innovation and creativity, learn from both successes and their failures and instil a sense of ownership and accountability amongst employees, driving continuous improvement and sustainable growth.

Organisations with a strong learning culture have 30%-50% higher engagement and retention rates.

Leadership Development and Learning Power

Effective leadership is also instrumental to unlocking learning power, and adding in protected learning time, to allow your leaders to invest in their own learning will inspire others to do the same.

When leaders are provided with the support and tools to allow them to go beyond managing tasks and support the growth and development of others, they cultivate an environment in which every individual can reach their full potential.

Leadership development programmes which focus on general management and interpersonal skills, use evidence-based instruction methods, and provide opportunities to practice this, are more effective.

Executive and leadership coaching supports leaders to identify areas for improvement and develop their skills to enable them to better perform and drive organisational success.

Chess set to represent team development and learning power

Team Development

Effective teams understand how to harness learning power and will share insights, offer support and tackle challenges. Teams are the heartbeat of any organisation and investing in team development fuels organisational success by providing individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to work effectively with others and adapt to thrive in evolving circumstances.

Initiatives such as team coaching can play a crucial role in accountability for actions and decisions. By providing constructive feedback, and encouraging reflection, coaches can support teams and individuals in identifying areas that they can grow and excel for the benefit of the organisation.

Learning Power

By embracing learning power, both during Learning at work week and beyond, your organisation will be driven towards greater success. Developing a culture of learning whilst investing in leadership development, team development and coaching will allow you to harness the full potential of the individuals within your organisation and navigate challenges with confidence.

We have a range of workshops available for Learning at work week to unlock learning power in your team, enhancing your people's skillsets through growth, connection and engagement.

Explore them here or drop us a line directly.


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